Top 5 Family Fun Activities in Indian Shores, Florida

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Are you looking for a good place to relax and enjoy your vacation with friends or with your family? Then Indian Shores is your perfect destination! There are so many fun activities you can engage in to have a great time with your loved ones.  

Indian Shores has a natural landscape, preserved islands, protected coastlines, and pine forests that create an ideal environment for various outdoor activities. The cultural discoveries, natural beaches, fresh seafood, and sunshine create the perfect environment for a vacation. In addition, the warm Gulf waters allow you to fish, collect seashells and participate in various water sports. 

Here are the top five family fun activities you can do in Indian Shores:

1. Catching Fish with The Fish Taxi Charters

If you love to fish, then you should check out The Fish Taxi Charters. Enjoy a beautiful open water boat ride and learn all about the Gulf of Mexico with Captain Ryan. He can also give you some fishing tips. Even if you’ve never fished before, this is a great way to learn from a pro!

2. Visiting The Town Square Nature Park

The Town Square Nature Park has a beautiful view of the Indian Shores blue skies and picturesque waters. The nature park has a wooden boardwalk you can stroll through that takes you to the center of the mangroves, where you can see various types of fish and other wildlife.

3. Visiting The Seaside Seabird Sanctuary

This is home to more than a hundred handicapped birds and is one of Indian Shore's top attraction sites. If you are a bird watcher, this is the best place for you as you are guaranteed to see many different types of birds. Birds' chirps, rattles, whistles, trills, croaks and drumming create a little "Garden of Eden!" 

In addition, the sanctuary has an education center you can visit to learn more about the birds. You can also drop by the sanctuary's observation tower in the shade garden for a cool breeze and an amazing view of the Gulf of Mexico.

4. Having A Family Adventure with The Sea N Things

Sea N Things boat is complete with a bimini top to provide you with shade and utmost comfort on your trip. It has different packages for families to ensure you get a fun outdoor adventure in Indian Shores. Sea N Things has a popular package for kids that involves a two-hour dolphin and sand bar trip. It also offers adults a sunset cruising package that involves clear water views and open sea exploration at sunset. 

5. Playing Mini-Golf at Smuggler Cove Adventure Golf 

Smugglers Cove features 18 holes of adventure style golf in which you’ll venture through a pirate ship, caves, and waterfalls! There is also an American alligator exhibit where kids can enjoy feeding the alligators using cane fishing poles. Once you're ready to take a break, you can head over to the clubhouse where you can relax with your family, enjoy drinks and snacks and recharge before the next adventure!

These are only just a few of the fun family activities you can do in Indian Shores. If you are looking to learn more about Smugglers Cove or some fun activities, contact us today

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