Where Can You Feed Real Alligators in Florida?

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There is a lot to see and do when visiting Florida with your family. Along with the beaches, sunshine, and palm trees, Florida may be best known as the home of thousands of famous reptiles that roam the swamps, lakes, and rivers of the sunshine state. Alligators are Florida’s most well-known mascot and getting to interact with one up close is a must-do for every Florida vacation.

At Smuggler's Cove, we provide homes for 20-30 baby gators in our Educational American Alligator Habitat. These amazing creatures are a protected species because of the changing landscape of our wetlands across the state. Our Smugglers Cove team is proud to house these amazing reptiles and share an up-close and educational alligator experience. 

Smugglers Cove’s Baby Alligators 

Across Smugglers Cove’s 5 locations, we proudly provide homes for 20-30 baby gators in our Educational American Alligator Habitat which give our guests a unique chance to learn and interact with these amazing animals, including a rare chance to feed them with our cane fishing poles! 

Providing an Alligator Home

Each of our locations features a small dock for the gators to sun themselves and the baby alligators have plenty of room to swim around in the lagoon. 

If you choose to feed them (and we hope you do!) they may even swim right up to the feeding platform for a quick nibble and to say hello! 

Feeding our baby gators is always done from a safe distance and will put you in touch with Florida's most treasured and protected reptile! 

Don’t Forget to Play a Round of Adventure Golf

The fun at our adventure golf courses doesn't stop with our baby gators, each location is themed as a pirate adventure!

Once you enter the course, your pirate adventure begins as you navigate through caves, around rocks, over and under waterfalls, and even though the pirate ship itself as you complete an 18-hole round of adventurous mini-golf.

No matter if you’re visiting Fort Myers, Madeira Beach, Indian Shores, Sarasota, or Bradenton, Florida we have a location waiting to provide your family with an amazing adventure for everyone. Learn more about each of our courses and locations or contact us today with any questions about your future visit. 

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