5 Exciting Annual Pirate Festivals in Florida You Should Attend

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Florida is home to many tourist attractions, such as parks, beaches, and historical sites. It is a state that doesn't fall short of more engaging outdoor and indoor events like the mini-golf courses, restaurants, and clubs. Besides, tourists and residents can get entertained at various events such as annual pirate festivals and events.

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Pirate festivals and events in Florida are very popular, and you should consider attending some of them to relax, unwind and have fun. Even better, when attending festivals, bring your children with you, since most festivals are ideal for families. Here are five annual pirate festivals in Florida you should consider attending with your family.

1. Gasparilla Pirate Festival

Gasparilla Pirate Fest is an exciting event held in late January. The city of Tampa, Florida, has been hosting the Gasparilla Pirate festival since 1904. It includes a large pirate parade and an array of related community events. 

The Gasparilla festival's theme is a mythical invasion. Using a large pirate ship accompanied by other private boats, the pirates sail into downtown Tampa to demand the key to the city from the mayor.

You can dress as a pirate, sit back to watch the pirate ship and boat parade and the simulated battle. You can also join the pirates as they celebrate and match after winning the 'epic' battle. Additionally, there is plenty to enjoy, from delicious food, a drink or five, to music during the event.

2. Treasure Coast Pirate Fest

Treasure Coast Pirate Festival is another exciting event that should be on your things-to-do list. The festival features pirate-themed attractions such as pirate ships and boats, a living-history pirate encampment, and pirate weapons demonstrations. You and your family can also enjoy costume contests, treasure hunts, sword fighting, live music, and live performances by popular pirate entertainers.

The annual pirate festival takes place on February 11th and 12th. It's free to attend the event. However, you are encouraged to make a $2 contribution.

3. Vero Beach Pirate and Caribbean Festival

It would be best to consider attending the coming Vero Beach Pirate and Caribbean Festival. There is a lot to enjoy, including Caribbean dishes and tropical drinks. You can also enjoy calypso, reggae music, steel drums, and most importantly, the mermaids and pirates. In addition, your family can enjoy different interactive games and live music.

The annual festival is held at Riversides Park, Vero Beach, FL. It attracts many pirate lovers across the USA and beyond. Plan to attend, and you and your family will love it.

4. Pirates of the High Seas Fest

The annual pirate event in Florida happens in October at Panama City Beach. The festival appreciates the legacy of pirates who once wandered the Gulf of Mexico and raided the Emerald Coast. It is characterized by storytelling and exciting staged pirate battles. You can enjoy in-person treasure hunts, online costume contests, fireworks, pirate activities, and more.

5. Billy Bowlegs Festival

Billy Bowlegs Festival is a whole weekend pirate event that happens in May at Fort Walton Beach, Florida. You will have a chance to try craft beers from local brewers and enjoy the best dishes. In addition, you can enjoy pirate activities as simulated by the pirates. Don't worry about the kids; they will have a children's pirate play zone.

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