6 Fun Father's Day Activities Your Dad will Actually Love!

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Lots of dads cherish making memories and spending quality time with their family more than receiving material gifts. It's all those shared moments that really bring the family together and show Dad how much you care. 

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If you're scratching your head about what to get your dad for Father's Day, it may be best to go for experiences over items. Here are 6 fun activities you can do with your dad to make Father's Day special and full of love:


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1. Play Adventure Golf at Smugglers Cove! (DADS PLAY FREE!)

What better way to get your dad excited about Father's Day than with feeding live alligators, playing adventure-style golf, and enjoying a couple of refreshing drinks to celebrate a hole-in-one? Treat Dad to a fun-filled adventure at Smugglers Cove, where he can show off his skills playing pirate-themed adventure golf for FREE on Father’s Day! 

Whether you’re celebrating Dad or Granddad, adventure golf is the perfect family game for all ages. Golf through fun and challenging obstacles, perfect your aim in cavernous caves, and sink your shot underneath waterfalls at any of our 5 locations. Don’t forget to take dad to feed some live alligators at our alligator habitat while you’re here!



2. Play a Friendly Round of Softball, Baseball, or Have a Board Game Competition

Games are a great way to have fun with your dad! Grab your family, your baseball mitts, and head to your local park for a feel-good game of baseball or softball. Or, if it’s just you and Dad, spark some one-on-one competition with a couple games of pickleball. 

If you and your family prefer having a cozy, air-conditioned game-time competition, dive into the treasure trove of classic board games collecting dust on your shelves. Games like Clue, Yahtzee, Uno, Exploding Kittens, and Monopoly offer hours of fun, bringing you and your dad even closer. If electronic games are your dad’s thing, put aside your cell phones and get out the snacks for a fun family challenge of your favorite PS or Xbox games.



3. Go Fishing in One of Florida's Best Fishing Spots

How about taking your dad on a fishing trip to one of Florida’s best fishing spots? Or, join the 4th Annual Father’s Day Family Fishing Tournament in Tampa Bay for free activities, prizes, lunch, and classes from Suncoast Fly Fishers.

Whether offshore, beachside, or in one of Florida's vibrant State Parks, you're sure to come home with a “keeper” or a great story! You and Dad could spend Father’s Day laughing, fishing, and making memories while enjoying the beauty of the tropical Gulf Coast. What dad wouldn’t want that for Father’s Day?


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4. Spend the Day on the Water

If your dad dreams of being on the water all week long, then Father’s Day weekend is the perfect time to spend the day exploring Florida’s coast. For those who don’t own a vessel, enjoy your time on the water hassle-free with a boat or kayak rental, ready to go with all the necessary gear and safety equipment.

Water loving dads will be thrilled to go paddle boarding or snorkeling in shallow waters, kayaking alongside manatees, or exploring remote islands by boat! Then, wrap up the day by opening up Dad’s favorite drink and watching the sunset over the Gulf Coast together.



5. Cool Down at a Local Museum, Aquarium or Even a Car Show!

Stay cool this Father’s Day by exploring all the nationally recognized art, history, science, and natural life Florida has to offer at a local museum or aquarium! If your dad loves sea creatures, treat him to a special two-for-one admission deal this Father’s Day weekend at The Florida Aquarium

If he's a huge fan of cars, make his day by taking him to a car show! It's a fantastic opportunity for him to see classic and custom models up close, engage with fellow enthusiasts, and maybe even get some inspiration for his next dream car!



6. Have a BBQ Picnic!

Pack up a cooler with sandwiches, chips, and popsicles, throw the towels in the car and head to the beach or park for a BBQ picnic. Let Dad take a well-deserved break while you help him grill up some scrumptious hot dogs and hamburgers to perfection.

Stir up some fun with a friendly volleyball match or a shell-finding contest. Turn up his favorite music and gather around for some delicious food while enjoying the scenic views and the company of loved ones!

It can be a challenge trying to figure out what your dad wants for Father’s Day, but spending a day with family will never disappoint! Dads love having fun and, more than anything, they want to have fun together. 

At Smugglers Cove, our pirate-themed and adventure style 18-hole courses make fun and family-time easy! With five locations to choose from, you won’t want to miss out on a chance to show your dad some appreciation with FREE mini golf! 

Grab your coupon and show it to any of our staff members on Sunday, June 16th to receive a free game of golf for Dad and a day filled with laughter, friendly competition, and unforgettable memories.

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