7 Fun Things To Do in Fort Myers

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Nestled on the Southern Florida gulf coast is the quiet city of Fort Myers. Fort Myers is a hub of fun activities for both tourists and its residents. From its many beaches, water sports, and rich history, it is among the best places to tour in the world.

If you are a Fort Myers resident pondering on fun activities to engage in, or a tourist planning an itinerary, here are fun activities to try out.

Visit the Edison and Ford Winter Estates

The Edison and Ford Winter estates is a historic landmark that provides a peek into the lives of ultra-wealthy high-rollers Edison and Ford. You can take a professional or self-guided tour of the museum and get fascinated by the artifacts and legacies of these two legends who lived in the 20th century.

Explore the Florida Panther National Wildlife Refuge

This National Wildlife Refuge is said to be the remaining breeding colony of Florida panthers in the Eastern side of the country. This center has plenty of information and exhibits on the lives of these predators, and if you are lucky enough, you might happen to spot one or two panthers. This refuge is also a great place to hike with friends and family.

Take a Stroll on the Beach

Fort Myers is endowed with the best beaches. The magnificent views, shallow waters, beautiful sand, and incredible hotels along the shores are to die for. If you are into water sports, the beaches at Fort Myers will get your adrenaline skyrocketing.

Visit the Manatee Park

The Manatee Park is a beauty to behold. It is home to the adorable, slow-moving manatees drawn in the winter by the warm water from the Florida power and lighting generating station. If you tour in December and March, you will be in a better place to see these amazing animals in their natural habitat.

Hop on the Murder Mystery Dinner Train

The Murder Mystery dinner train is a unique attraction that entails a staged murder mystery and dinner over a 40 mile train trip around Fort Myers. The passengers in the train are left to decipher clues that might lead them to the guilty party while still dining in elegance and class.

Have Fun at the Defy Fort Myers

Defy Fort Myers is the best family destination, as it encompasses different activities for kids and adults alike. It is a wonderland place where kids get to enjoy lots of trampolines, dodgeball courts, foam pits, and trapezes. The best thing about Defy is that they offer safe programs for kids, especially during summer breaks. The programs are led by enthusiastic and fun staff who ensure the kids are having as much fun as they can.

Experience Amazing Golfing Experience at Smugglers Cove

Nothing spells fun more than the "out-of-this-world" golfing experience at Smugglers Cove. It offers a mind-blowing golfing adventure (18 holes) through waterfalls, caves, and even pirate ships. Even more mind-blowing is the Educational American Alligator Exhibit that is home to over 20 American Alligators located inside Smugglers Cove. You can have fun and make memories feeding the alligators using cane fishing poles.

Enjoy Your Fort Myers Vacation

Smugglers Cove is dedicated to ensuring that you have the time of a lifetime while vacationing in Fort Myers. Make sure to put your mini-golf skills to use in one of the state-of-the-art golf courses in Fort Myers by checking out a Smugglers Cove Adventure golf location near you.

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