Mini Golf Course Reviews in Fort Myers, Florida

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Mini golf is a fun family pastime and Smugglers Cove Adventure Golf is proud to offer more exciting ways for the whole family to play together. We love hearing about the incredible experiences from everyone who plays our courses. 

See what others have to say about their swashbuckling good time at our Fort Myers course.

Smugglers Cove Reviews in Fort Myers, Florida

This is a great family friendly course that’s not too difficult for the youngsters but still fun for grownups. We loved the pirate themed landscaping and decor throughout the course along with the cascading waterfalls and pools. How fun to see live baby alligators to feed at the entrance. The entire experience was a real treat. — G. Ortiz

Great place to play mini-golf. All the holes are wonderfully creatively designed and the scenery is terrific. They even have live alligators! I had an incredibly fun time playing here and I’d love to visit again. The staff is also nice and friendly and the overall atmosphere is terrific. I’d totally recommend playing golf here to anyone.

Great place! Staff is very friendly, and the grounds are clean and well kept. Its obvious a lot of time was put into the layout of the course, complete with waterfalls and multi-level holes. The baby alligators were a fun addition! — M. Lessard

Hands down the best miniature golf course! The greens are all in mint condition. The staff is super friendly! — E. Fashho

Definitely one of the best mini golf courses in Fort Myers. The course itself was fun, but not absurdly difficult. The first round is a little spendy but the second round of mini golf is quite cheap. The kids also had a blast feeding the little crocs on a pole. I'd definitely go back for another round. — J. Steam

Extremely well manicured/kept grounds, customer service that is unbeatable! This is an awesome way to spend two hours with your loved one & families! They have a gator pond & you can feed baby gators! I Highly recommend this place! — R. Foxtrot


I have never played mini golf on a better course. It was amazing! Staff was super friendly and the place was clean and very well maintained.  A must do for visitors of all ages. We had 3 generations and we all had a ball! — A. Williams


I had a great time playing putt putt with my family. It was a hot day, but we were able to bring our own water into the course. It wasn't crowded at all, so we were able to spend an ample amount of time feeding the alligators. Each hole offered different fun obstacles. Ultimately, this was a great activity to enjoy for the day. — C. Musick


⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️We’ve never seen such an awesome miniature golf course. Great fun!! Absolutely lovely modeling and in perfect condition. The people were so friendly to us. Fully recommend when you’re on holiday in SWFL. And spent the 3$ for eating the alligators. Very funny at the beginning or end of your game. — O. Langhauser

Come and experience a round of adventure golf during your next trip to Fort Myers, Florida or explore our other locations across Florida. If you have any questions about our courses for your next visit, feel free to contact us today.

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