Five Reasons Why Your Next First Date Should Be Mini Golf

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Singles often struggle to come up with a great first date spot. The first date makes or breaks a relationship, after all! If you're searching for first date ideas, consider miniature golf. Mini golf is a laid-back, fun, and inexpensive first date. What's more, mini golf can teach you a thing or two about the person you're with!

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Why is Mini Golf a Great First Date? 

First date jitters can get in the way of having a good time. Mini golf melts the fear away with a little competition and a lot of fun. Neither you nor your date needs to be good at golf to enjoy it either. You can even schedule your first date in the day or evening because both times are ideal for a mini golf round.

Five Reasons Why Mini-Golf is an Ideal First Date

Still not convinced that mini golf is a great first date idea? Here are five reasons why mini golf should be your next first date option. 

1. Mini Golf Makes a First Date Less Awkward

The traditional face-to-face conversation over a dinner table during a first date is awkward. Much of the time is spent wondering where to put your hands or whether you are staring too long! Mini golf, however, eliminates the awkwardness. There's no need to worry about keeping the conversation going because there's always something to talk about. With tasks to do and a game to play, mini golf takes the nerves down a notch and keeps things fun. 

2. Mini Golf Provides a Safe and Comfortable Area

Safety is a priority on the first date for both men and women. A mini golf adventure park is about as safe and family-friendly as you can get!  Surrounded by people, you don't have to worry about being alone if you don't want to be. However, there's still enough privacy to make small talk and remain comfortable enough to be yourself. A mini golf first date ensures you'll be safe while you're getting to know your date. 

3. Mini Golf Forces You to Concentrate on Date

Let's face it, smartphones are a distraction. Miniature golf forces couples to concentrate on the date and put their phones away. You can't hold a golf club and phone at the same time, after all. As a result, you're more apt to pay attention to your date than your phone notifications. 

4. Mini Golf is For Everyone 

Whether you're a teenager, a young adult, or a senior, trying to find an activity that might interest your date isn't easy. With miniature golf, you have an activity that's perfect for couples of all ages and abilities. The rules for mini golf are basic and easy for everyone to understand. Also, a miniature golf course isn't too strenuous, but requires just enough skill to be entertaining! Mini golf is a first date idea that all couples can do.

5. Mini Golf Teaches You a Lot About Your Date

Mini golf provides the perfect opportunity for you and your date to learn about each other. Not only does mini golf give you the chance to talk during the game, but you can learn non-verbal information, too. For example: Is your date competitive? How do they react to a challenge? Are they quick learners? Playing mini golf is more than a game, it's an ice-breaker for new couples. 

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