How Do You Play Mini Golf?

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Are you aiming for that hole-in-one fun with your family and friends? Mini golf is a delightful game that charms players of all ages and it’s a fantastic way to spend a leisurely afternoon.

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If you're looking to pick up some tips and learn the basics to win at your next round of mini golf, you've come to the right place! 



Mini Golf Rules

Like any good sport, mini golf comes with guidelines that, when followed, enhance the game's enjoyment for everyone involved:

  • Take Turns: Each player gets to make their initial shot before anyone takes a second. This keeps the game organized and fair.
  • Small Groups Are Key: Typically, up to four players per group is recommended, similar to regular golf. Larger groups can split up but stay close together throughout the course.
  • Six-Shot Maximum: Each hole has a limit of six shots, after which you move on to the next.
  • Follow the Ball: The ball closest to the hole goes first – it’s just polite!
  • Off-Course Penalties: If your ball splashes down or jets off the course, place it back where it veered off with a one-stroke penalty.
  • Lowest Score Wins: It’s all about finesse - the lowest number of strokes leads to victory!


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Winning at Mini Golf

Learning to play mini golf is straightforward, but mastering the game takes skill and practice. Here’s how you can brush up on the basics:

  • Study the Hole: Before you take a swing, scrutinize the layout of the hole. Take note of the angles and hurdles you need to overcome and strategize accordingly.
  • Be Decisive with Your Putts: Whether you’re just having a laugh or going for gold, deliberate and smooth strokes are essential. A confident approach will get your ball closer to the hole with fewer strokes.
  • Time it Right: Some mini golf courses feature moving barriers, so patience and timing are crucial. Watch and wait for the perfect moment to sink that putt!
  • Just Have Fun: The heart of mini golf is enjoyment. Shake off the misses, chuckle with your competitors, and vow to improve with every swing.


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Mini Golf Games and Challenges

Mini golf is inherently competitive, but you can spice up the game with a few fun challenges:

  • Family & Friends as Obstacles: Use your group as part of the course, creatively working around them to find the perfect shot angle.
  • Vary Your Playing Style: Experiment by holding the putter differently—think pool cue—or hitting with the narrow side. The options are endless!
  • Handicap the Pros: Level the playing field by blindfolding adept players, or ask them to switch their hitting hands for a lighthearted twist.
  • Try Adventure Mini Golf:  Course themes and challenges are what make adventure mini golf, like Smugglers Cove's pirate-themed course, so different from your average mini golf experience. Enhance your mini golf game with flowing water hazards, tricky turns, and other surprises. 

With these mini golf tips up your sleeve, you're sure to win your next game! Ready for a round? Visit Smugglers Cove at any of our locations across Florida, including Sarasota, Bradenton, Fort Myers, Indian Shores, and Madeira Beach. Grab your putter, scorecard, and a free coupon because we're open 365 days, no booking needed! Questions? Contact us today!

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