Tips and Tricks on Improving Your Mini Golf Swing and Game

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Are you looking to hit more hole in ones or stay under par during your next round of mini golf? Impress your friends and family by using these quick tips and tricks to become a better putter and an improved golfer!

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3 Mini Golf Tips and Tricks

1. How to Choose The Right Putter

The first tip we have comes up as soon as you arrive and it’s time to pick out your putter. Most just eyeball one or maybe just pick the tallest possible, but there are actually a few things you should consider before choosing.

Pick the Right Height — To find the putter with the perfect height, you’ll want to stand up straight and hold the putter alongside your leg. The right height for your putter is going to be one that goes from the bottom of your shoe to your waistline.

2. Analyze Each Hole

Before you take your first swing, take a gander at the hole. Notice the ridges, hills, bumps, curves, etc. that could affect your shot. Most holes have one or more main pathways you can take. Find the one you think will work best for you. 

If you are playing on a course with many mechanized traps, such as windmills or tunnels, watch them closely for patterns.

Lastly, line up that shot, map it out with your mind, breathe, and swing away!


3. Look for a Different Angle

If you are approaching a hole that seems to have a large obstacle in the way, play a different angle around it! Look at the hole closely, if you notice any worn spots in the wall surrounding the hole aim for that spot cause chances are this is the key to getting around the obstacle!

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